Divine culinary discoveries on the shores of Genval lake
Discover Genval.Les.Bains
Combine a trendy and relaxed atmosphere
with culinary discoveries
Delightful surroundings where refined architecture and world flavours are united in perfect harmony. The ingenious vertical sliding windows, punctuated by roman columns, frame a beautiful landscape: a romantic fountain, graceful swans, weeping willows and croquet lawns.
Avenue du Lac 87
1332 Genval
Culinary discoveries.
(Re)discover Belgian and European gastronomy with a modern touch and Asian influences.
Genval.Les.Bains - Menu
3-course menu for 34 €
by Chef Nicolas Mottart
Genval.Les.Bains - Seasonal products
A seasonal and tasty cuisine with a twist artisanal
Chef Nicolas Mottart offers a seasonal and tasty cuisine with a twist. Get ready for a trip around Europe, Asia and South America, and for dishes full of suprises with products from the region.
Genval.Les.Bains - Meet our Chef
I like to garnish my dishes so as to bring out all the flavours and a taste for all things delectable and enjoyable.

Nicolas Mottart

Chef of Genval.Les.Bains

Genval.Les.Bains - Meet our Chef