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Martin's Hotels gathers 8 restaurants, 14 hotels and 4 spa
The Martin's Restaurant's Week
Martin's Restaurant's Week :
4th edition
The idea of a Martin's Restaurant's Week was born in 2018 from the initiative of several Food & Beverage Managers. Martin's restaurants are not just hotel restaurants. Open to all, the group's 8 restaurants each have their own identity and specialty, but one watchword: fresh, local produce wherever possible! This year, due to the current sanitary crisis, only three restaurants are participating. Don't hesitate any longer and go through the doors of Akko, B'Comme and Genval.Les.Bains!
Unique environments
Passionate teams
About Martin's
Martin's Hotels :
a collection of great hospitality
By converting a Schweppes factory into a 5-star hotel hosting a conference centre : that's how the Martin’s Hotels group was born! Over the years, with John C. Martin holding the reins, the group has gone from strength to strength. Today the group counts no less than 14 hotels, 8 restaurants and 4 spa!
Martin's Château du Lac
Martin's Rentmeesterij
The Martin's Restaurants
Seven restaurants with a unique identity
The Martin’s restaurants have one thing in common: you immediately feel at home. Both the welcome (warmth, attention to detail, personalised care) and the architecture (volumes, light colours, acoustics) are designed to create a climate of relaxation and harmony.